Hand-picked in small boxes


The small and scattered patches around Straden require constant and painstaking checking of the ripeness of the fruit before and during the harvest. Our egalitarian approach to all varieties and qualities involves selective hand-picking into small boxes of 20 kg and secondary sorting on the shaker table directly at the winery. This final step completes a whole series of manual operating steps of a growing season before we can take a deep breath and feel relieved for the first time in the year.







Gravitation & Maceration


Thanks to our meticulous work, we are able to apply long maceration periods, sometimes over several days, in our gravitational cellar even in years of challenging weather. This natural extraction allows the juice to leach out underlying ingredients from the berries, which will subsequently lend more layeredness and depth to the wines. In addition, the undulating landscape of this area enables us to apply the gentlest movement of juice, mash and wine: gravitation.









Not very much then happens in the cellar. We trust in – and confine ourselves to – the abundance of ingredients contained in the grapes that have meanwhile been transferred into the juice. Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts brings out the typicity of each individual wine and vineyard. The wines are allowed to age slowly and peacefully on the whole yeast and on the lees, and each wine is bottled at the right time.









The results are wines so typical of us: region-specific and distinctive, relaxed and profound, vigorous and elegant, enticing and sophisticated, classy and highly drinkable. They reflect our climatic, geological and human conditions in a well-balanced fashion without grand airs or ephemeral illusions.


Visit our beautiful tasting room overlooking Straden and convince yourself of our delicious offerings.




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